Terms & Conditions

To eliminate unnecessary delays and disagreements when concluding a sales contract, please read and note the most important conditions for purchasing goods from Mikom Plus, registered reg. number 51702003721 (hereinafter referred to as edison.lv).

  1. Since the sale of goods offered by edison.lv is carried out through an Internet offer, in accordance with Section 10 of the Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Latvia (PTAL), when placing an order, a distance contract must be concluded between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Orders can be placed on the website www.edison.lv and in the store at Meiju ceļš 2, Jelgava or by calling +371 29550590.
  3. On the website edison.lv all prices are subject to value added tax of 21%. The prices offered are valid for the period indicated on the product. The cost of the delivery service is not included in the price of the goods.
  4. You can pay for the ordered goods and the selected delivery service using bank transfer or the services of the leasing company, you can also pay in cash at the time of receiving the goods or using a payment card.
  5. When ordering, you must specify an email address so that the client can receive instructions, invoice and other necessary documentation.
  6. When ordering goods, we suggest choosing one of three ways to receive goods: free of charge - the ordered goods are received at the customer service center at Meiju ceļš 2, Jelgava, cost-effective delivery - the ordered goods can be received in packomatas in Baltic shopping centers or other places (consider maximum size of the order), in the branches of Latvijas Pasts, or through a comfortable delivery - a courier company delivers the ordered goods to the specified address. In all cases, the time of goods delivery is approved with the client, depending on the time of order. In the case of several goods order (with delivery), the customer can receive all the goods together or in parts.
  7. The ordered goods must be received within three working days from the date when edison.lv announced that the order is ready to be received (at service center).
  8. Instructions on the use of the product is sent to the buyer by e-mail after receiving the goods. If the you need printed instructions on how to use the product , please contact us by email: info@edison.lv or by phone +371 29550590.
  9. Before you start using the purchased item, please carefully read the instructions. Use the products only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and in accordance with the characteristics of the product and the intended use.
  10. If you change your mind and decide to refuse to purchase, the Law of the Republic of Latvia on Consumer Protection (PTAL) and Cabinet Resolution No. 255 “Rules on distance contracts” (Resolution of the Cabinet No. 255) stipulate that the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days and return the product purchased in the online store to the seller. Article 12 (6) of PPAL states that in case of withdrawal from a distance contract “the consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product for the period necessary to exercise the right of withdrawal”. We recommend that you keep the original packaging of the product in order to eliminate difficulties in using the right of return in accordance with the conditions of the Remote Contract in case the goods were subjected to mechanical damage from the outside. To agree on the return of goods, please fill out the cancellation form and contact us by email: info@edison.lv or by phone: +371 29550590, indicating the number and date of the order. You can return the goods by delivering them to the edison.lv store  at Meiju ceļš 2, Jelgava, or by sending the goods together with the feedback form to SIA Mikom Plus, Meiju ceļš 2, Jelgava, LV-3001
  11. Complaint and out-of-court dispute procedures.
            Please file a complaint regarding the availability or quality of the goods in electronic form by sending an email to info@edison.lv or in writing to the address: Zirgu iela 7-1, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia. The complaint will be reviewed within 7 business days from the date it was received by sending a response to the contact address provided in the complaint.
            If the complaint is acknowledged to be unreasonable, and you disagree with that, you have the right to use alternative dispute resolution options provided for in regulatory acts by submitting a written application for resolving disputes out of court, stating:

            - name, surname, contact information;

            - the date of submission of the application;

            - the nature of the dispute, the form of the desired order and the reasons on which it is based.
  12. Information in the database of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes: www.ptac.gov.lv/lv
    -Information on out-of-court dispute resolution and out-of-court dispute resolution: www.ptac.gov.lv/lv/content/stridu-risinasanas-process
    - Information in the database of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes: www.ptac.gov.lv/lv/content/arpustiesas-pateretaju-stridu-risinataju-datubaze
    - Online Dispute Resolution Information (SIT): If there is a problem with purchasing online, the customer can use the SIT platform to file a complaint with an independent dispute resolution body. Links to the SIT platform: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=LV
  13. If during the use of the product the product has technical problems, the product will be serviced in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights of the Republic of Latvia (PTAL). The service procedure of the product is specified in its description. When making a purchase, an electronic invoice is issued to the buyer along with the product, which contains information about the service for a particular product. The voucher has been prepared electronically and is valid without a signature. Purchase documents are valid only if they are correctly and clearly indicates: product model, serial number, date of sale. You are not allowed to make any changes to the purchase documents, delete or overwrite the data indicated in them - in this case, the service documents will be declared invalid. It is recalled that consumers within 24 months from the date of delivery of goods have the right to file a lawsuit in court that does not comply with the terms of the contract.
  14. It should be recalled that the PPA provisions do not apply to the purchase of goods by legal entities.
  15. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, SIA Mikom Plus retains purchase and sale agreements concluded with customers in the amount necessary for accounting, agreements concluded with leasing companies remain with the respective leasing companies.
  16. Marketing activities:
    16.1. edison.lv can initiate various marketing activities, including loyalty programs.        
    16.2. In some cases, edison.lv can provide its customers with edison.lv bonuses for actions taken. Edison.lv bonuses can be used to pay for goods purchased from the online store edison.lv.
    16.3. In accordance with section 7, the customer has the right to refuse the purchase. In this case, edison.lv returns spent money to the client.
    16.4. edison.lv has the right to change the terms of placement and use of Bonuses without prior notice.
    16.5. By registering or making purchases in the online store edison.lv, you agree to receive free information from the online store edison.lv about special offers by e-mail and SMS, as well as to get the right to participate in various promotions, lotteries and projects after the initiative the company.
  17. If you want to stop receiving news by e-mail, sms:
    17.1. At the end of the letter, click “Cancel receiving news and special offers from edison.lv” - the system will change within 24 hours.
    17.2. Send us a message at info@edison.lv - the system changes within 24 hours.
    17.4 If you are a registered user of edison.lv, but for some reason you want to delete your profile, please contact info@edison.lv
  18. Minimum amounts for order:
    18.1 Minimum order amount 5 euro - for orders up to 1 kg
    18.2 Minimum order amount 10 euro - for orders over 1 kg
    18.3 The minimum order amount does not apply to orders placed on-site in the store Meiju ceļš 2, Jelgava.
  19. The online store edison.lv reserves the right not to serve the order if the online store cannot contact the customer by phone number or e-mail specified by the customer.
  20. The maximum order amount that can be paid in cash to the courier is 1000 euros.
  21. The maximum amount for one order is 7,000 euros(for fiz.persons).
  22. If you decide to pay with a bank payment card, please check the daily payment limits of your bank card before you pay.
  23. In case of any questions you can call +371 29550590 or write an e-mail: info@edison.lv